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Until 2050 there is more plastic in the oceans than fish. Says a recent study. 46% of all the plastic is "ghost" fishing gear.  The impact of these silent killers are huge! These ghost nets last approximately 500 years and continue harming the marine life as animals get trapped and suffocate by these nets. Their habitat is harmed as well.  As you can see in the image. Ghost nets keep harming the marine life and so our whole eco systeme. Our goal is to put environmental responsibility in the heart of our brand, so we are using fabrics that will do no harm to our Planet. All of our bikinis are made with 100% ECONYL regerated Nylon from dicarded fishing nets....


From the Ocean for the Ocean

Water. The birthplace of life on earth. It covers 70% of the planet and is home to 65% of the world’s life forms. Our existence and survival has always been linked to water. But an alarming reality exists below the surface. Lost fishing nets, almost invisible underwater, keep trapping fish and marine animals, in an endless cycle that threatens to directly drain our marine ecosystem. Each year, about 640,000 tons of fishing gear are lost or abandoned in our seas and oceans. They are plastic waste which remain in the seas for centuries. Meanwhile, microplastics end up in the stomachs of fish and soon after ours. Millions of animals, including whales, seals, turtles and birds, are injured and killed by...