Best Tanning Bikinis To Bring On Your Next Summer Trip

Getting the perfect tan requires choosing the right swimwear to put on.

With all the outdoor activities we plan to do every summer, the sun will surely catch up with us. We’re not talking about the painful sunburns from too much exposure, of course. We mean the loveliest souvenir anyone can get during summer - a glowy tan. Getting the perfect tan requires choosing the right swimwear to put on. We don’t want you to get horrible tan lines from your trip and so we sum up the best tanning bikinis to bring on your next summer trip.


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Get Oiled Up With Caliber Bikini Top and Brazilian Bikini Bottom

Pick the ideal tanning oil, apply it gradually on your skin, and go find that best spot under the sun while donned in our Caliber bikini top. This bikini top will be your perfect partner in getting a flattering glowy tan.

This minimalist bikini is designed with ties - a style that will help in minimizing the tan lines after a long exposure from the sun.

The Brazilian bikini bottom also offers a cheeky cut that promises a perfect tan on your bum.

Get the most lovely tan by getting Caliber Bikini Top (54€ EUR) and Brazilian Bikini Bottom (41€ EUR).



Get That Sun-Kissed Look With Inferno Bikini Top and Queen Bikini Bottom

Never hide from the sun ever again and be confident to get that bronzed tan on your next summer getaway.


woman wearing Inferno Bikini Top


The Inferno Top gives you a bikini top that is designed in a plunging neckline to accentuate the cleavage and to maximize the area where the sun will touch you. The high, cheeky cut of the Queen Bottom is also a great piece to flaunt your plump butt cheeks.



The Thong cuts on this set are essential designs to maximize the part of your backside that you want to bake under the sun.



Get flattering tan lines on your next summer trip by including this Inferno Bikini Top (51€ EUR) and this Queen Bikini Bottom (46€ EUR)  in your luggage!



Get Extremely Hot With Our Arrow Bikini Top and Bali Bikini Bottom

If you want to achieve a more pronounced tan without worrying about how to cover up tan lines, opt for a strapless bikini Set! A strapless bikini Set will certainly do its job in making tan lines easier to hide.


You’ll agree with us if we say that the Arrow bikini Top is the perfect item to help you achieve that strapless tan. The bikini top will not only give you easy-to-hide tan lines, but it will also emphasize your collarbones and shoulders.



If you want to have a strapless tan after sunbathing, get this Arrow Bikini Top (46€) and pair it up with this Bali Bikini Bottom (49€).



If you want to ace the art of getting a bronzed tan, these bikinis will help you a lot. Not only will these bikinis bring out your best assets, but it will also help you get the glowing tan you can keep for months.



Chase the golden hour, strike a pose for a picture, and we're certain that the color of the setting sun will give you the best glow you will ever have.

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