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Until 2050 there is more plastic in the oceans than fish. Says a recent study. 46% of all the plastic is "ghost" fishing gear. 

The impact of these silent killers are huge! These ghost nets last approximately 500 years and continue harming the marine life as animals get trapped and suffocate by these nets. Their habitat is harmed as well. 

As you can see in the image. Ghost nets keep harming the marine life and so our whole eco systeme.source: Google Images

Our goal is to put environmental responsibility in the heart of our brand, so we are using fabrics that will do no harm to our Planet. All of our bikinis are made with 100% ECONYL regerated Nylon from dicarded fishing nets.

This sustainable fibre called ECONYL is developed in several steps in a textile developing company in Italy.source: Google Images

Together we can recycle tons of waste from all around the world.

Thousands of tons of ghost nets get into the treatment center where nylon waste gets processed and transformed into textile yarns using the least amount of water and energy possible. After that, it is sent to Italy, where it is transformed into a high-quality, eco-friendly fabric, that is:

- Ultra Chlorine Resitstant

- Resistant to sun screens and oils

- Ensuring 50+ UV Protection 

- Soft and smooth

- Ensuring a perfect fit 

- Absolutely non-see through

And finally all the the bikinis are handmade by a sewing company in bali. They use a traditional way to sew the bikinis.

Do you want to join the journey from waste to wear and help clean the oceans? Join us, look good and feel good!


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