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Role Foundation

Since it is our goal to make the world a better place through our bikinis, we want to support the environment, the society as well as human beings.

This is why 10 cents from every bikini in our store go to the ROLE FOUNDATION.

What is ROLE FOUNDATION? It is basically a non profit organization which runs a zero waste facility and environmental development programs in Bali. They are working towards a sustainable future for Bali's communities through women's empowerment and healthy environmental practices.


Source: Rolefoundation.org

Source: rolefoundation.org

Their vision supports zero waste to the oceans, sustainable businesses for coastal communities and women's business education and development.

Since 2007 they have built 2 environmental education centres, reaching 6.429 children. Given learning and business opportunities to 1042 women. Trained 31 local environmental ambassadors. Ran permaculture prison programs. Held multiple beach and diving cleanups. And implemented waste management systems in coastal villages. They also regularly educate on how to keep the environment in mind, best doing waste management, banning the plastic water bottles, recycling multiple things, planting plants and so on.

This is the work which forms a sustainable future in which we want to invest and support!

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