Swimwear Must-Haves For The Peachy Ladies

Swimwear Must-Haves For The Peachy Ladies

Have you been hitting it hard at the gym lately? Well, there is no better way to flaunt that toned behind other than by squeezing it into a high-cut cheeky bikini bottom. Nothing excites us more than greeting the summer when it’s finally time to take off our pants and get that splash we have been eagerly waiting for. Now, we've listed the perfect swimwear to show off your hard work and these items are what you need to transform yourself into a literal beach bum.

1. Drop It Like It's Hot In Our Bali Bottom

Take off those boring pants you've been wearing at the gym and try on this amazing bikini bottom! Designed with a cheeky cut, the Bali bikini bottom will surely flatter the curves of your behind. A mid-rise cheeky thong is what you should wear when you’ve got buns!

Best combination with this bikini bottom is Arrow bikini top and Inferno bikini top. Arrow bikini top is a minimalist bandeau style with thin strap for extra hold and is a basic that every woman should own in her closet.

The criss cross style top is also styled with adjustable straps to tie it in the back for better support on the bust - Inferno bikini top is surely a must-have!

Are you a peachy lady? Well, grab the Inferno Top ($55.00 USD) or Arrow Top ($50 USD) and combine it with this cheeky Thong Bikini Bottom ($49 USD) in black or red velvet to show off your peachy bum.

2. Rock It With The Brazilian Bikini Bottom

Reward yourself after all the tireless squats with this rocking pair of bikinis! Designed with a high cut and cheeky rear, the Brazilian bikini bottom  will accentuate your backside and hips even more.

When worn high just above the hips, it will help create an illusion of elongated legs. 

The best combined bikini tops are Machine Gun bikini top and Caliber bikini top specially made with a -strappy design - an eye-catching criss-cross style that also offers a great comfortable fit. 

Grab this Machine Gun bikini top ($45.00 USD) or Caliber bikini top ($58 USD) and combine this with the Brazilian bikini bottom ($45 USD) in black or red velvet before they run out! 

3. Boost Your Confidence With Our Queen Bikini Bottom

It’s about time to strip off those sweaty pants and show off those glutes you’ve been toning from your countless workouts. We just have the perfect bikini that will surely bring out the confident Queen in you.

The Queen bikini bottom is specifically tailored in a thong cut to help emphasize the backside of the wearer. Pair this up with the Crop bikini top or Inferno bikini top and we’re sure that this will bring a shower of stares from the crowd at the beach. 

The Crop bikini top ($70.00 USD) and Inferno bikini top ($55 USD) combined with this Thong Bikini Bottom ($50 USD) are our best-sellers so grab them while stocks last!

4. Get Wild With Our Groupie Bikini Bottom

Wipe off your workout sweats and do yourself a favor in our Groupie bikini bottom to have the boys at the beach sweating instead!

You must pay off your hard work for those peachy bottom cheeks by choosing a bikini bottom that will highlight the shape of your behind even more. With a cut that offers both cheeky coverage and a great fit, the Groupie bikini bottom will surely do that job.

The best matching top is the Machine Gun bikini top. It is tailored with adjustable back straps for a flattering bust coverage and comfortable fit for hours. The fabric is also double-lined to avoid awkward flashes when worn dry or wet. 

The second bikini top option is the Crop bikini top. It has padding and adjustable straps and also criss-cross straps to get the perfect fitting from every angle.

Shop this Machine Gun bikini top ($45.00 USD) or Crop bikini top ($70 USD) and combine it with the Groupie bikini bottom ($48 USD) and bring them on your next vacation to show off your plump butt!

5. Show Off Your Curves In Our Curvin Bikini Bottom

We love curves and we love hourglasses. This summer you will have this with the right bikini bottom choice.

The Curvin Bottom is the cheat code for a snatched waist because of its thick bands and super high waist cut. Our Curvin Bottom is perfect to show off your curves. The g-string cut is an optimal choice for the ladies who want to get a tan. Featuring high cut sides to elongate the legs and give the booty a natural lift.

It will hug your beautiful curves that’s why we call it Curvin Bottom.

Grab the Inferne bikini top ($63.00 USD) and combine it with the Brazilian bikini bottom ($49 USD) in black or red velvet before they run out!

When you’ve finally achieved your desired tone for your bottom cheeks, going pantless is the perfect way to show them off! This list of swimwear we've shared will help you choose the perfect bikini to wear the next time you’re off to the beach. Get ready to feel sexy and don’t forget to snap a photo of your sandy cheeks!

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